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17th Century: see the History of New France Page for timelines that discuss the major military engagements.
17th and 18th Centuries:
Canadian Military History Gateway:
Chartrand, René, Canadian Military Heritage – Volume I – 1000 – 1754 (Montreal: Art Global, Inc., 1993). Click on the link to download a PDF:
Chartrand, René, Canadian Military Heritage – Volume II – 1755 – 1871 (Montreal: Art Global, Inc., 1995). Click on the link to download a PDF:
Bonnault, Claude de “Le Canada militaire: état provisoire des officiers de malice de 1641 à 1760” in Rapport de l’Archiviste de la Province de Québec pour 1949-1950 et 1950-1951. The text is in French, but it is very easy to read.  Bonnault's article lists the militia officers in New France between 1641-1760.  His article begins on p. 265.  Each entry summarizes and provide references to the individual's service as an officer, as well as other biographical information. The index starts on p. 529.
18th Century:
A Tribute to the Deerfield Captives (1704), by Diane Wolford Sheppard
            Part I
            Part II
            Part III
The Fox May 1712 attack on Detroit:  FCHSM Members, log in to access two articles about the attack in the April 2012 issue of Michigan’s Habitant Heritage
Individuals Who Provided Goods and Services for the “benefit of the King” between 1739 – 1750:
Historical Background and a Brief Timeline for Detroit, compiled by Diane Wolford Sheppard
Other Articles about the 18th Century:
François Drouillard, UEL – 1741 – 1812 – A Canadian Loyalist of the Detroit River Region, by Margaret Jacqueline Jeffrey, UEL  This article was chosen as the best article of the year in 2009.
War of 1812:
The War of 1812 – a Timeline, by Diane Wolford Sheppard
Brief Bibliography for the War of 1812, by Diane Wolford Sheppard
War of 1812 Militia Lists:
Essex and Kent County, Ontario
July 1812 - Originally published in April 2012 in Michigan's Habitant Heritage 
August 1812 - Originally published in July 2012 in Michigan's Habitant Heritage
January 1813 - Originally published in October 2012 in Michigan's Habitant Heritage
Michigan Militia List - Part 1 - originally published in January 2013 in Michigan's Habitant Heritage.  Michigan Militia List - Part 2 - Originally Published in Michigan's Habitant Heritage.
Veterans of the War of 1812, by Alan Treppa – The Officers and Directors of FCHSM selected Alan Treppa's Series of Articles on the Veteran's of 1812 as the Best Article of the Year for 2022.  Click on the link to access his article 
Patriote's Rebellion - 1837 - 1838
Article: A Tribute to Jean Baptiste Dumouchel – Patriote of 1837 and his fellow Patriotes of Deux-Montagnes, Parts I – Part IV by Diane Wolford Sheppard – FCHSM Members – Log in to access these articles that were published from April 2007 – April 2008 in Michigan's Habitant Heritage 
Vue de l'arrière de l'église de Saint-Eustache et dispersion des insurgés, 14 décembre 1837 - Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada
On 14 December 1837, following the battle of St. Eustache, the leaders of the Patriotes gathered in the store of Jean Baptiste Dumouchel in St-Benoît. The Loyalist Troops followed them to St-Benoît.  The following day Townshend remained in the town, with one company of regulars and 2,000 volunteers, primarily English and Scots from various parts of Ontario. The troops and volunteers committed sacrilegious acts in the church and then plundered the homes and farm buildings of the habitants, seized their animals and then turned to the people. The men, women and children were stripped of their clothing and left almost naked at their homes while the troops burned the entire town. Jean Joseph Girouard, one of the Patriote Leaders, believed that the residents would have frozen to death if some of their fellow residents of Deux-Montagnes had not shown the courage in the face of potential Loyalist vengeance to offer them housing (Diane Wolford Sheppard, A Tribute to Jean Baptiste Dumouchel, Part IV, Michigan’s Habitant Heritage, Vol. 29, #1, January 2008, p. 6).
Rebellion of 1837-1838, by Suzanne Boivin Sommerville
Bibliography – The Patriote Rebellion in Lower Canada:
Cahill, Jack, Forgotten Patriots – Canadian Rebels on Australia’s Convict Shores (Toronto: Robin Brass Studio, 1999).
Greer, Allan, The Patriots and the People – The Rebellion of 1837 in Rural Lower Canada (Toronto: The University of Toronto Press, 1993).
Laporte, Gilles, Patriotes et Loyaux – Leadership regional et mobilization politique en 1837 et 1838 (Sillery, Québec: Les éditions du Septentrion, 2004) – French Text.  This book lists the patriotes in each of the parishes involved in the rebellion and provides mini biographies of the patriote leaders as well as the loyalist leaders and commanders.
Laporte, Gilles, Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 website 
Schull, Joseph, Rebellion – The Rising in French Canada 1837 (Toronto: Hunter Rose Company for The MacMillan Company of Canada Limited, 1971).
Book recommendation for early militia lists: Le Roy Barnett and Roger Rosentreter, Michigan’s Early Military Forces (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2003).  Readers need to keep in mind that the lists found in this book refer to men living on both sides of the Detroit River for most of the 18th century because the British did not evacuate their posts in present-day Michigan until 15 July 1796.
Bibliography for all periods:
Military Bibliography, compiled by James P. LaLone