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PRDH & GenealogyQuebec

Effective 1 January 2024 FCHSM Members
Will have free shared access to PRDH and GenealogyQuebec
the premier databases for researching Québec Parish and other records
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PRDH-IGD – is a directory of all vital events (baptisms, marriages and burials) recorded by the Catholic church in Quebec and French Canada from 1621 to 1849, as well as a genealogical dictionary of families commonly referred to as “Family Reconstructions”.  The PRDH-IGD database contains over 2,500,000 records.
Genealogy Quebec is a subscription based research website regrouping all of the collections and tools developed by the Drouin Institute over the course of its existence.  The website’s 15 tools and collections total for over 50 million images and files covering all of Quebec as well as part of the United States, Ontario and Acadia from 1621 to this day. Genealogy Quebec is by far the largest collection of Quebec genealogical and historical documents on the Web.
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